George M. Wine Chase
M.Div., M.S., Licensed Professional Counselor and Coach
9233 Ward Parkway, Suite 305, Kansas City, MO 64114
phone: 816-824-9898   fax: 816-527-8052

We all have challenges in life. Sometimes those challenges overwhelm our natural coping abilities. Sometimes relationships feel unmanageable. Sometimes habits have become addictions. Sometimes we get so worried about the kids, work, LIFE that we stop sleeping, eating or exercising. Sometimes things feel so dark it feels hard to go on. Sometimes we just lose enthusiasm for things we used to enjoy. Sometimes we just feel worthless and hopeless.

I find it a privilege, and personally enriching, to journey with people not just back to some point of stability, but forward to a new wholeness and well-being. I believe even the most difficult situations, as painful as they are in the moment, can be launching pads for growth and healing. I have found a number of paths helpful in that journey, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral techniques: changing our thoughts to change our feelings and experience.
  • Positive Psychology: a new science that focuses on proven techniques that enhance well-being or happiness
  • Mindfulness: an ancient science with techniques to help us “show up” for our lives and really be fully present, here and now.
  • Family systems theory: to better understand and change old patterns in our families.
  • Brain research: utilizing latest understandings of the brain and how to focus our awareness to literally change our brain and improve our lives
  • And many others including: energy techniques (EFT), communication skills, addictions/relapse prevention, and deep emotional work/regression transforming earlier traumatic experiences.

In addition to psychotherapy I also provide professional coaching. I am a certified coach with the International Coach Foundation (ICF). Coaching is more than calling plays from the sideline. It is a collaborative relationship with someone who wants to take those extra steps toward a more fulfilling life, career or intimate relationship. Professional Coaching typically happens over the phone for half-hour sessions. This fits conveniently into any work/life schedule without loss of travel time.

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